LockerzAlerts Reward Program – A real 24/7 Redemption!

What is it?
It is a new program that rewards our existing members for inviting friends to subscribe to LockerzAlerts SMS Alerts through a unique referral link.

For which countries is this program?

It is International! Members from all the countries are welcome to participate!

How it works?
You invite a friend to subscribe to LockerzAlerts. If they subscribe – you get one point.

What do I need to do in order to join?
If you are our member, you can start right away! (If you are still not our member you can subscribe Here)

1. Log in to your profile here - LockerzAlerts Member Profile

2. Go the Rewards Area.

3. Click the following link to enable the Rewards Program for your profile.

4. Get your friends to subscribe to our site using you unique links and banners and earn LockerzAlerts points!


In order to celebrate Lockerz VIP redemption we are giving away a “Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty” for free!

All you have to is refer people through our rewards program!

The member that will get the most referrals between the 1st of August until the 15th of August 11:59 PM EDT, will win this awesome game!

You can read more about this special auction and see your placement in the scoreboard here

What can i do with the points?

You can use your points to get awesome items from us for free!

How can i keep track of my points?
You can check how much points you accumulated within your profile – Referral stats.

Do keep in mind – you only get points when someone subscribes through your referral link.

What are the rewards?
You can check out the full list of prizes here – Prize List.

The list is constantly updated, and new prizes are added.

We never have a “FRESH OUT”!

You are more than welcome to send us ideas of what you want as a prize!

How points are calculated after i redeem my points for reward?
After you redeem a prize for LockerzAlerts points – they continue to count.

For example, if you have 25 points and you redeem price for 20 points- you will have 5 points left, that you can spend later.

Do i have to pay for the shipping of the prize?
No. We pay for the shipping.

How can i redeem?
Please fill this contact form with the information below:

Your Username (required)

Your Email (required)


The prize you want to redeem


When performing the checkout there are some things you need to keep in mind:
- Only the subscription via your referral link will be counted as a point towards you.
- You must write correct address and country in order for the item to be sent.
- All items will be shipped on the first day of the month after you decide to take it.

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